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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Masaurhi Pincode / Post Office Search (PATNA, Bihar)

Akauna B.O 804453MasaurhiBihar
Bakhari B.O 804451MasaurhiBihar
Bara B.O 804454MasaurhiBihar
Barah B.O 804453MasaurhiBihar
Barawan B.O 804452MasaurhiBihar
Barni B.O 804452MasaurhiBihar
Basuhar B.O 804453MasaurhiBihar
Baurhi B.O 804451MasaurhiBihar
Bedauli B.O 804452MasaurhiBihar
Berra B.O 804454MasaurhiBihar
Bhadaura B.O 804452MasaurhiBihar
Bhaiswa B.O 804452MasaurhiBihar
Bir B.O 804451MasaurhiBihar
Chhata B.O 804452MasaurhiBihar
Deodha B.O 804451MasaurhiBihar
Dewan B.O 804452MasaurhiBihar
Dhanarua B.O 804451MasaurhiBihar
Dihri B.O 804453MasaurhiBihar
Garihara B.O 804452MasaurhiBihar
Ghorahua B.O 804452MasaurhiBihar
Hansadih B.O 804452MasaurhiBihar
Kansari B.O 804451MasaurhiBihar
Keora B.O 804453MasaurhiBihar
Khainia B.O 804452MasaurhiBihar
Kharauna B.O 804454MasaurhiBihar
Kosut B.O 804452MasaurhiBihar
Lahsuna B.O 804452MasaurhiBihar
Lakhana B.O 804453MasaurhiBihar
Maranchi B.O 804453MasaurhiBihar
Mohanpur B.O 804453MasaurhiBihar
Mokar B.O 804454MasaurhiBihar
Nadaul S.O 804454MasaurhiBihar
Nadpura B.O 804451MasaurhiBihar
Nadwan B.O 804453MasaurhiBihar
Nanauri B.O 804451MasaurhiBihar
Pabhera B.O 804451MasaurhiBihar
Parthu B.O 804453MasaurhiBihar
Pataria B.O 804454MasaurhiBihar
Poawan B.O 804452MasaurhiBihar
Punpun S.O 804453MasaurhiBihar
Rewan B.O 804454MasaurhiBihar
Sanda B.O 804452MasaurhiBihar
Seonan B.O 804454MasaurhiBihar
Sonmai B.O 804451MasaurhiBihar